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Booking Policy & Other info


  1. Please do not eat whilst I'm doing your makeup or immediately after. Please plan ahead and eat BEFORE I arrive. Drinking is  OK.  Touchups will be charged at $40 and require you to purchase a touch up kit;

  2. If you have sensitive eyes that are prone to watering, please take an antihistamine / allergy relief tablet 1 HOUR prior to your appointment

  3. Please arrive with freshly washed face (do not wear any makeup to your appointment)

  4. please do not use your phone unless it is urgent - I usually have a fully staked day and I can't spare the time while you take calls

  5. Please cancel your appointment if you have COVID, illness or any contagious skin conditions such as cold sores, skin rashes, skin fungus, conjunctivitis, warts etc. I do not take deposits so there are no penalties. 

  6. Please be considerate when booking appointments - no tentative holds. If you book in, this means I am turning away other clients for you. Last minute cancellations have a big impact on me. If your plans change, please let me know so ASAP.

  7. If I am hairstyling, babies/children are not permitted in the same room or vicinity of the styling area as the tools I use are extremely hot and it's too dangerous. 

  8. HAIR - please wash your hair the night before if I am styling it for you. OR, if you are having a blow dry, wash it just prior to my arrival and leave wet  

Event Prep

if this is your first major event, or you just aren't sure what to expect, see below a little list of some hot girl tips that might help you prep for your event. These are just some observations I've made from attending so many and are tips i've picked up through personal experience or experiences from my clever clients. It also gives you a little idea of timing. Even picking one thing off the list might make you feel that little extra special for your big day. 


- consult with a beauty spa and consider a facial regime (such as skin needling) leading up to your event to help your skin glow. The smoother your skins surface is, the better your makeup will look

-Injectables (botox baby!)


- teeth whiting (particularly if you are a smoker)

- spray tan

- Eyebrows threaded/waxed

- facial hair is always amplified by foundation/powder so consider derma planing prior to appointment


night before

- take a little pamper time out and apply a hyrdrating facial mask before bed so you have baby soft skin in the morning. The more hydrated your skin is, the better makeup will apply and stay.


  1. I am happy to work around permanent extensions

  2. i do include temporary false lashes as part of my service 

  3. if you have your lashes chemically curled/permed I may not be able to offer false lashes as the chemical curl pushes them off. If you are wanting to have false lashes applied, please do not have your lashes curled in the lead up to your makeup appointment


what to wear to your appointment​

what to wear to makeup appointment.jpg
  1. Wear loose comfortable clothing, preferably black  and strapless or spaghetti straps - particularly if you are wanting your décolletage covered/highlighted or hot girl insta photos

  2. Black - doesn't matter if makeup spills, it won't stain your clothes and can wash out easily

  3. Wear something that is easy to remove so you don't smudge your makeup or risk pulling lashes off

  4. Do not wear colourful clothing that is likely to clash with you makeup look. For example, if your evening dress is red, but you wear blue to your appointment and you ask for a bright red makeup - it will look shocking with your appointment outfit and could cause insecurity in the makeup - so opt to wear something neutral to your appointment

  5. Don't wear anything hot, or you will sweat your makeup off

  6. Wear pants so you aren't worried about flashing when you are in the high chair

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