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The reason I became a makeup artist is because first, I am a fine artist. I have ALWAYS painted. True story - when I graduated school, someone said to me 'you paint such beautiful faces, why don't you become a makeup artist?' and honestly it was the best question anyone every asked me because I went and studied makeup and really found my calling.  Now, I don't get to paint traditionally on a canvas often, but I absolutely love it. I was awarded dux of art in high school have won numerous competitions and also displayed in a local art gallery. I use the highest grade oil paint so they last a lifetime and custom make the canvas to spec. I typically paint moderate - large scale, the canvases are usually 1 - 3 metres in length.  I don't currently have any for sale, but am open to commission work for female portraiture or figure. Prices per below

Small - 1m2 - $750
Medium - 2m2 - $9,00
Large - 4m2 - $1,100

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