Event Prep

if this is your first major event, or you just aren't sure what to expect, see below a little list of some things that might help you prep for your event. These are just some observations I've made from attending so many and are tips i've picked up through personal experience or experiences from my clever clients. It also gives you a little idea of timing. Even picking one thing off the list might make you feel that little extra special for your big day. 


6 weeks out


- consult with a beauty spa and consider a facial regime (such as microdermabrasion) leading up to your event to help your skin glow. The smoother your skins surface is, the better your makeup will look

- consider teeth whiting (particularly if you are a smoker)


2 days out


- spray tan

- Eyebrows wax or thread


night before


- take a little pamper time out and apply a hyrdrating facial mask before bed so you have baby soft skin in the morning. The more hydrated your skin is, the better makeup will apply and stay.

- consider a herbal relaxing tea before bed. Theres nothing like pre-event jitters to keep you up all night and sleep is so important to do away with baggies under the eyes. 

- hair - PLEASE wash your hair the night before if I am styling it for you. The myth about dirty hair styling better is wrong - it's just gross (sorry).